Menu for the 35th annual COWBOY BREAKFAST to
be held in front of the Cowboy'sDanceHall located at
3030 NE LOOP 410@IH35 on Friday January 24, 2014
4:30am to 8:30am.

34,000 tortillas by Mission Foods
10,000 Kiolbassa sausage & eggs tacos
6,000 Kiolbassa chorizo & egg tacos
2,500 servings of Pioneer Biscuits & Gravy
8,000 Pioneer biscuits & Kiolbassa Sausage
10,000 Rudy's BBQ beef tacos
10,000 Delicious tamales
8,000 Mrs. Bairds sweet rolls
5,000 pints of Oak Farms milk & orange juice
15,00 cups of McDonalds special roast coffee
LOT'S OF SAUSAGE PREPARED BY REAL COOKS    2008  They'll be back....