37th Annual Cowboy Breakfast
dedicated to the
Donors, Sponsors,Volunteers and Media
      It is because of the work of the volunteers, the Cowboy Breakfast is the success that it is. It is you, the
volunteer, the sponsor and donor, with the help of the media that turn this grand idea into the great success story
of San Antonio and South Texas.
Think back to some of the cold weather days, of ice and rain, freezing temperatures, yet you never backed away,
always showing up with a smile and a helping hand to serve and entertain the gathering crowd.
Remembering, that many of the people that come are executives, business owners, military officials or politicians,
as well as families and their children. They all come to experience a bit of the pioneer life, braving the elements
like those early day cowboys that ate, slept and worked all day in the open air.
Look at us now! We went from a handful of people to a full blown operation with over 500 volunteers helping to
make the Cowboy Breakfast bigger and better every year. We have formed The Cowboy Breakfast Foundation, a
not-for-profit 501c3 to award limited scholarships.
This has been and will continue to be a united effort by all of those involved. We can not make this event happen
without you. So we say, "Thanks a million" to you, the volunteers, donors, sponsors and media for all that each of
you contribute to the success of The Cowboy Breakfast!

Thank you!!
The Board of Directors   


Event setup begins Jan 29
in the parking lot front of Cowboy's Dance Hall

need volunteers to help cook & wrap tacos
at 4am
Thursday January 2

Main-Event cooking
begins at midnight Thursday
January 29th

7am to 4pm  January 30th
Located at the
3030 NE LOOP 410@IH35
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want to volunteer at the next breakfast. Servers are needed most
throughout the morning 4am to 8am! Come join us in the fun!

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